Monday, October 4, 2010

The Fuck List - An Analysis of Female Horizontal Dynamics

Karen F Owens is a recent graduate who remains so very interested in education, that she actually did powerpoint slides to educate her friends on her perception and evaluation of the sexual prowess of thirteen men of the Duke University Lacrosse Team, also known as... the Fuck List.

What she should have taught her friends however, was discretion, because one of them helped spread her word on the Internet instead, virally educating millions of people online instead. I for example, had a fairly good impression of Duke, now my impression has been steered towards the XXX rated. I also note that this woman is quite biased, and her thesis is not sound. She is quite racist, likes it very violent and very big (as dourly observed by my colleagues) and she loves Canadians as much as Eric Cartman does. Nonetheless following this notoriety, one can only hope that she will learn that friends are only as trustworthy as her next enemy.

I hope you too will provide critical analysis of this presentation. Original Sources of this file are Gawker and Deadspin.

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