Friday, October 1, 2010

Spot the Mamacon - The Mummy Boy

(1) His mother will call him when it's late, asking him when is he coming home (and it's only 11pm)! And he is >25 years old already.

(2) His mother gives you the Evil Eye, even if you are just going to his place to borrow something.

(3) If his mother hates you, sooner or later you are going to break up.

(4) Nothing you cook is as delicious as his mother's.

(5) His mother is on a pedestal that only deities and dead people can stand on. His mother is devoted to family/ sacrifices for the family/ matriarch of the family/ cooks and cleans magnificently without a complaint all day, his IMHO on your inadequacy.

(6) When he describes his perfect lover, he will say things like "as caring as my mother", "as patient as my mother". Positive things as his mother.

(7) Mother knows best. You know nothing or something.

(8) He will call Mummy, and not only on special occasions.

(9) His mother provides round-the-clock care, even buying his underwear and clothes for him.

(10) The most scary thing.... he likes women who looks like his mother.

There is a Shine article "Why we love Mama's Boys" which expounds on the groomed qualities in a Mummy Boy, that he is more likely to resist masculine stereotypes such as being aggressive and detached in relationships. Granted, it might have a point. But is the author crazy? Has the author forgotten what comes with the Mummy Boy?

His Mummy!

If she ain't dead and joined the rest of the saints (in his subconscious or conscious mind), Mummy is going to be in your lives. Forever. Until you get rid of her or she gets rid of you. You are going to hear her whether you see her or don't see her.

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