Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tales of Stupid - South Korea enforces game ratings?

I was sent an email recently by a company offering to help me rate the ever yucky Burger Stacko (I laugh whenever people give me a bad rating, because if they think it is boring, what about me who tested it over and over again? At least say something constructive that I can fix, instead of calling it shit in different languages.) for South Korea. All I had to do is to let them distribute the game.

I was like, wtf? My game is free.

Now I read old news that South Korea is making every game, even Indie games, go through an official rating and.... the developers must pay for it. Double WTF?

It is ok for Starcraft since they have so many loyal Korean fans and can earn it back, but what about sad apples like me? Weird. Talk about burning the creativity and enthusiasm of developers.

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