Friday, September 24, 2010

The Haves versus the Have Nots

Yesterday I watched two of the newest sitcoms to hit the screen this Fall season. Raising Hope and Running Wilde. One revolves around very poor people raising a baby from a ONS with a death-row murderess, working deadbeat jobs while squatting at senile MawMaw's house with a crazy cousin who sleeps in a tent in the laundry room. The other is about a rich, superficial, apparently stupid guy, his crazier neighbour and his insane tree-hugging, superior, but more stupid ex who happened to one of his many housekeepers' daughter.

Running Wilde has a lot of money, but humor it does not. It was so terrible I wanted to take a bullet to the brain less than half an hour into the mind-numbing comedy (what a joke to call it comedy). It is probably a weapon of mass destruction, a plot to destroy us in the comfort of our homes. Keri Russell sucks as a comedic actress, though the male lead stinks more.

By contrast, Raising Hope was unbelieveable but cute. Cute was the little baby whose Mommy was electrocuted for killing her many boyfriends and somehow rescued by Jimmy after a miscalculated murder plot before rewarding him with an ONS and a motherless baby. Cute was MawMaw who wanders around in her bra and snogs Jimmy thinking he was his great-grandfather. Most cute was Jimmy's cynical, old-before-her-time Mother who dangles a cigarette precariously from her lips with a scowl but smiles when she is told that she looks like Jimmy's sister. “I told you getting pregnant at 15 would pay off eventually,” says her demented husband.

I am excited by Raising Home, especially when I googled the show after the epsiode ended, to discover that the show was made by the same guy who made my favourite My Name is Earl. On the other hand, I'd rather suck on a grenade and die before I will watch another episode of Running Wilde.

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