Monday, September 27, 2010

Beer Guzzling at Colbar

Remember last year I visited the hidden gem, Colbar, for stupidly, a working lunch where I had to stare hungrily, in the humid heat, at the extensive smorgasbord of beers and ciders that it has chilling in the fridge?

This year, a wiser but still overheated me (will it rain already?!) dragged B1 there where we had a very cute but oddly romantic meal inside the little house, surrounded by photoshopped pictures of the Colbar Tigers over the years, while all the ang mos were happily thawing in the veranda.

I had the Chicken Maryland, which came with a sweet but mushy fried battered banana (the particular species that I don't like and had to trick the B1 into playing games with me in the hopes of making him eat it instead). It was Chicken Schnitzel at its 'chaota' best, singed at the side, but moist inside. B1 had steak, mushrooms and chips, his fave. I still found the sauce salty, but went perfectly with the cider and beer that we could now finally ourselves with. S**t, but the uncle has a really excellent collection of imported beer *thumbs up*. I was happily wasted =D

Fantastic place for chilling.

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