Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Honorable Emasculation - A Man who Hangs out with Women

A man who hangs out with a group of beautiful (or not) women is a sad creature. He is not the master of a harem, but the coolie for their shopping, the shoulder they lean on when their boyfriends dump them and the counsellor whose advice is always ignored.

His romantic chances with any of his girlfriends? Zilch, Nada.

It would take a very stupid woman to compromise what she has right now (see above) for a chance at a romantic opportunity with the guy, no matter that he is a sensitive, tactful and high emotional intelligent man (to be able to hang out with women). What if the relationship fails? All the other girls will be forced to take sides, and they will all lose in the end. So, it will be better to remain good friends.

Since the man is more likely than not, forced to search for a girlfriend outside of this circle, his girlfriend would need to be an extremely confident and understanding girlfriend. After all, which woman can accept a boyfriend who hangs out with a group of women, beautiful or otherwise? Once they have become friends for so long, the girls will "honorably emasculate" the guy, as in no longer see him as a sexual male, and treat him like one of the sisters. The girlfriend, if she survives the once-over by the coven (not harem, haha), will be forced to watch her boyfriend get touched or talked to intimately by them, i.e. the relationship will not last.

That's why most women aim for a gay intellectual whore. The best of two worlds. A man who can give you decent fashion advice, to boot.

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