Monday, September 6, 2010

Scorelists!!! Part 2

Over the weekend, I tried the Bistro Cook. I can understand how it is addictive, definitely it has better graphics than mine haha.

Anyway I was also struggling with my chosen XML solution. I realise now one must understand one's limitations (after much fluent cursing on my part)... so I swing to SQLiteDatabase despite my initial misgivings. Also, I might encounter problems if people reuse their names when submitting scores, so SQLite is a better idea.

Now I just need to fix up the layout a bit and I will be able to upload the new version soon. I might also change some parts of the code to make the icons move between different levels.

Also as a learning point for everyone who is more used to Oracle database. You know how Oracle Database allows you to enter rownum <11 to get the first ten rows. But in SQLite, you enter LIMIT 10 instead. Also you should sort first before you limit. So ORDER BY [COLUMN-NAME] DESC LIMIT 10.

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