Monday, September 13, 2010

Seeing is Believing

B1's birthday was last week. Since birthdays are very important to me, I tried to give him whatever he wanted (and within my paltry means) on his birthday.

We decided to go for an Orchid Country club overnight stay after perusing the various company discounts I had for travel, where we were confronted with this on the curtain:

We weren't quite sure what it was or whether it was even alive. After B1 nudged it into the dustbin, we went out into the balcony where we alternated views of the beautiful golf course and staring at it. It was after we got rid of it, that we were sorry we did not keep it for a souvenir. It was while looking at the golf course that I remembered my cousins and I , as children, screaming "disgusting carcass" at the golfers and then ducking out of sight whenever they looked up.

Other than that, the room was alright, the aircon was FANTASTIC, though the number of TV channels was hardly impressive. They have three pools! The breakfast was predictably horrendous, as mentioned by many on The ham curled and was actually sour. Eggs were mushy not scrambled (second helping, not pictured). The chicken porridge featured largely salt with boiled rice and some token bits just to prove that chickens were harmed in the making of the Dead Sea in my bowl. Just to GPGT, here's a shot of the second breakfast from hell (the first one would be the Desaru resort we stayed at, where we had flies with breakfast).

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