Friday, September 3, 2010

Yeh Chi Wei and The Yellow Ribbon Project

Checked out the latest art exhibit @ the National Art Museum (the old SJI). I enjoyed Yeh Chi Wei's Chinese pieces, especially his couplets and his depiction of Balinese life using the Chinese brush. The line "莫言今日无知己” was very inspiring. His oil paintings... not so much, I cannot appreciate abstract art, I admit it as much. The only oil painting I liked was the one he painted of an old man with a younger man holding a teacup, with a poem written by a poet at the top left hand side.

They also displayed the art from his 10 men group (technically 3 women, 7 men group) . I love the Lake Toba landscape piece from the very handsome Lim Tze Ping (well, he was handsome in 1961 and probably still alive now). After going around the gallery, I suspected that this group of artists are the notorious bunch of local artists my older brother loved to call "the old geezers who love to draw Balinese titties".

While we were there, we also admired the Yellow Ribbon project art. They were excellent, accurate and poignant descriptions of the running theme, adversity, hope, disappointment, longing etc. My two favourite pieces were the oil painting of the two birds on a sakura tree, and the drooping sunflowers. My only regret is that I forgot to ask if I could buy the pieces. Stupid me.

This is my copy of the Dayak Woman by Yeh. We colored paper over the extruded metal plates.

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