Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I have gotten my App Inventor account

Have you registered for yours yet?

Here's the interface:

Try here.

I am not quite sure I like the terms. Think it doesn't allow me to charge for the app I use to develop there (expected) but huh, Google has the right to reproduce it? Hopefully using App Inventor, this will significantly increase the quantity and conceptual quality (can't go for total quality, since the developer is limited to whatever logic the platform provides) just like Game Salad for Apple. More for non-techies and lazy people like me :)

I have been struggling for an hour and so have my Firefox and IE browser. Bloody App Inventor crashed my browsers and hung my pc. Not sure what I am supposed to do, but too lazy to try the tutorials. Tutorials are for losers (haha), I always maintain, I like to learn things by challenging myself. I guess the Brothers Cider that I gulped down at dinner is zapping my brain cells (but doesn't seem to impair my gameplay).

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