Tuesday, September 14, 2010

B1 joins the dark side again

Brainwashed by the iPad he received for his birthday, B1 became besotted by the Apple AppStore and is getting iPhone. He said the games in Apple AppStore has a bigger market than the limited Android market.

I am so annoyed now I can pass out bricks. Though my love for Google is going unappreciated, I am still trying very hard to code some decent stuff for Android. I sourly commented that his iPhone will probably join his Android phone in the glove compartment since neither of us can carry camera phones to work.

I am supposed to be working on the expansion for Burger Stacko and a new game. But the heat is getting to me so much, I fell asleep when watching Babies in air-conditioned comfort. Zzzz. I can't even play Company of Heroes, I am so tired. I am toying with the idea of buying a Bamboo drawing tablet. The previous pad I bought was terrible, and I reverted to using a computer mouse to sketch. The little girl you see as my avatar is drawn by mouse, as are the images in Burger Stacko though it is obvious I spent lesser effort when drawing those images. Haha.

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