Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just to prove I am right, Kopi Luwak (coffee from a cat's ass)

Well, while we were on our way to visit the art museum last week, I talked about the civet cat in Indonesia which consumes coffee beans and then passes it out, producing the most expensive, aromatic *haha* coffee in the world. Nobody believed me *sobs* (probably because on hindsight, the civet cat is a carnivorous kitty)

To prove I am somewhat right, here are some excerpts from the Internet:
"I had my doubts until I learned that University of Guelph food scientist Massimo Marcone actually trekked to Indonesia a few years back to collect samples of kopi luwak or "civet coffee" beans with his own two hands, supplying independent confirmation that this rare and exceedingly expensive varietal does exist." (

You can also read the Wiki copy. One interesting thing I do note is that technically it wasn't a civet cat, but the palm civet... which is apparently a closer relative to a mongoose than your house kitty.

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