Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stingy Mei Zhen Hakka Deli 吝色的美珍客家美食

I ordered a small set of 算盘子 Abacus Beads from the Mei Zhen Hakka Deli @Ion. The auntie cautiously placed 2 tiny lettuce leaves in the box (I found the level of care very amusing), before measuring the Abacus beads in a small bowl into the box. What I did not find amusing is that she dug out three beads just because the bowl was not level. That is so lame lor. Just three tiny Abacus Beads and she had to dig it out of the bowl. My friend and I did not admire parsimony and whispered darkly why the auntie was so stingy. She obviously heard us and put one back...

At S$4.80, that is incredibly expensive. What's worse is that the damn thing is so salty and oily... Sobs. I'd rather spend more money and buy the takoyaki at the Food Hall instead. In case you are wondering, 算盘子 Abacus Beads is a Chinese Hakka dish, where they mix flour with mashed yam and shape the mixture into tiny abacus beads which they then cook with julienned wood ears, spring onions, sesame seeds and dried shrimp (and apparently tons of oil).

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