Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I don't want to be a bitch... but harlo people, if I can do a score list don't you think I would have packaged with my game? Shit, it's 3am and I am still struggling. It's the first time in weeks where I have started coding again.

For two weeks I have been torn between scoreninja, google spreadsheet, free php website, internal file, external storage xml file as the means of storage for the scores. My enthusiasm is flagging for the game. I want to do one myself because I want to reuse this for my future games *cross fingers and pinky swear*, yes, hopefully the ones that can draw me a decent income, instead of sucking my tiny store of logic, zzzz and USD25. Yes, Google, I am still pissed, why do I have to pay USD25 twice? One when I bought that shit Dream, where I registered an account in android market, and now when I upload that crap shit game of mine? I finally get a reply from Google helpdesk, and his/her reply makes it seem that I was speaking French and I don't speak French. No return, no payout and my fragile ego gets crushed.

Initially I was excited by the comments I got for the game, then it gradually became "wtf?" because there are some very weird comments, like the one from that Russian arschloch. Don't give 5 stars and say the game is crap shit in Russian. You basically wasted my time in translating and thinking of some fun German and Mandarin words to tell you, which you can have fun translating. Nevertheless there are some encouraging and constructive criticism such as the missing scorelist, which is the reason why I am awake at 3am, after watching a extremely disturbing Expendables where Slyvester almost (thankfully only almost) kissed a much younger woman. It was like "let Grandpa put a baby in your belly..." *gag*

I am also going to download the Bistro Cook. At least 2 of my colleagues have become addicted to this game (it's like the Android Farmville) and since I am nibblezware (as in food + software), I feel I should concentrate on making food games (I have a new idea but I need to pyscho a colleague to join in the coding effort, because at the way I am coding, it will take a blue moon before it will be completed). And the best way to learn is to understand what interests people. I have been reading a lot of design books, game books, HCI for game books. As for the graphics, haha, too bad, I use Microsoft Paint and a mouse, don't expect miracles. It's a one woman programming team (which is easily distracted by Company of Heroes and American TV. The fall season is coming at last! Rescuing me from the mind-numbing doldrums of reality TV).

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