Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mata Thai - Talk is cheap

I walked past this new(? I haven't passed by that corner for a very long time) restaurant on my way to the carpark last Sunday. We returned there for dinner after visiting my cousin at the hospital where she just had a baby. Congratulations to her, the child was a long awaited bundle of joy.

Anyway, we had to queue for a long time even though there was empty but dirty tables. The lady boss did not want to give us one of the dirty tables as they were put together as a table for six. When she finally gave us a clean but sticky table outside without cutlery, she offered us free lemon tea while we were ordering food and drinks. So we said ok, and proceeded to wait like 20-30 minutes while tables next to us were being served drinks and provided cutlery. *Annoyed* Btw the place was understaffed with only three wait staff. I saw that the lady boss takes the orders, a guy serves the food from the kitchen and another girl handles payment, serves drinks and supports the guy.

Probably incensed due to hunger, we managed to beckon the lady boss over (after the other girl studiously and resolutely ignored us many times) after much gesturing and asked to order drinks. We were not dying for the free lemon tea, but we were certainly dying from thirst, thanks to the heat. She expressed shock that we had not been served, and pulled the biggest bullcrap statement loudly in Mandarin"(the girl's name), drop everything you are doing and make sure this table is served drinks". Haha.

Anyway after some minutes later, we got our drinks which disappeared quickly. Then the lady boss came back and said the $15 fish we ordered has finished but there is one for $20. We said ok. So the joke is this, there was a lady and her son sitting at a nearby table. They had finished their meal but they were still sitting there chatting (I had been rather annoyed thinking that they were hogging the table while we were queuing). Little did I know, that the male waiter went serve them our fish! The lady customer was visibly delighted and welcomed him to put the fish down but the lady boss was screaming at him that it was not for them. Guess what... the man walked back into the kitchen, probably did a u-turn, and brought it to our table, complete with the delighted lady's exhausts.

B1 whispered darkly that it must be a popular practice by local Thai restaurants to have other customers fawn over the food before it is served (he was referring to our Nakhon experience). WTF. The lady was served her fish shortly after, and I noticed that her fish was obviously smaller. Oh...

Anyway, the food is affordable ($41 in total) but not exciting. We ordered Green Curry, Roasted Pork with Kailan, Fried fish and Pineapple Rice. The Pineapple rice was disgusting cold, despite being served on the spot. I suspected that it could be due to the cold Pineapple that they served it in, and that it was probably only lukewarm in the first place then blasted cold by the encasing Pineapple. Not a very intelligent decision.

The fish was probably the best part of the meal, I said probably, because it was served from the other customer's table. If I had gotten it first, I would say it was very good. As it is, I am rather leery and disgusted. The rest of the dishes tasted like they should.

In a nutshell:
Mata Thai
Blk 508 Bishan St 11 (corner unit)
Food Quality: Hit and miss
Price: Great
Service: Always waiting, always wanting. Understaffed (3 wait staff for dinner rush hour), blur and irritating

I was trying to find the address for this place(to post), when I came across someone's blog. Guess what? Everyone gets a free drink when they order. More bullcrap from the lady boss.

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