Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sushi and Beyond

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Michael Booth psychos his patient (very accommodating) wife and children to Japan where he convinces the kids to eat chicken cartilage yakitori, massages a Kobe cow with beer, tries to teach Japanese housewives French cooking and ends up mollifying them by frying fresh fish. He writes with lavish wit and humor, and entertains with his daring food experiences and intriguing descriptions (e.g. he described the dogs at Bow Wow, which amuse and comfort lonely customers at the cafe, as prostitute Pekingese).

Most of the experiences they were able to enjoy were probably due to the Japanese interest in their beautiful foreign blond kids and Michael's own journalistic contacts. Ordinary tourists such as you and I would definitely not have the chance to rub a cow with beer (I am that fascinated with the idea), eat somen out of a drain pipe or eat at a restaurant that only opens to invited guests.

I would read the book again. And again.

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