Sunday, October 31, 2010

Coriander Leaf - a culinary sample of hits and misses

I am seriously going broke. Maybe that American girl in Singapore has a point when she said that eating out here is expensive. Three consecutive Friday dinners of ~S$50-60 a head is doing me in.

This time I was out with Teletubby and Miss Piggy (no offence intended, the nickname was chosen for her love of the animal rather than any physical attribute). I remember this place because this was where the ex intellectual whore went for his corporate retreat. Teletubby suggested the place and I was not surprised to see the usual clientele of foreigners already there sipping wines, given its location.

We ordered the Southeast Asian and Moroccan samplers as our appetisers. They were not kidding when they describe them as samplers. each of us got barely a mouthful for each item. I did not care for the Beef Cigar (Moroccan) and felt that most of Southeast Asian dishes were dulled down to suit the foreign palate, especially the Tom Yum Soup.

I ordered the miso cod, Miss Piggy, the Fish Molee, and Teletubby, the lamb shank. The portion sizes were uneven. The lamb shank came with pita bread (more like chappati, I thought) and some vinegar vegetables. The fish molee served up a large slab of sea bass with butter rice. Mine? One miserable thin slice of cod, with kaki age and mashed potatoes. I question the choice of mashed potato, something so decidedly western against the two other Japanese items. Luckily my dinner companions were generous and shared with me their rice and bread.

Taste-wise, the cod tasted like the miso cod B1 and I had in Japan, when we stayed at the delightful Gasutohofu Ami in Nikko, Japan. brought back some lovely memories. Lamb shank was edible, I found its sides more memorable. I don't really like Sea bass but I found the sauce very tolerable and the flesh cooked just nice.

The bill scared my wallet, even without drinks or dessert.

In a nutshell:
Coriander Leaf
3A Merchant Court
#02-03A (definitely not wheelchair and baby carriage friendly with its stairs)
Taste: decent but not ambrosia
Price: gastronomical
Service: very efficient. They were eager to clear the table and appeared even more so to chase us off because we didn't order drinks.
Ambience: terrible. My headache came back after the cacophonous neighbouring table of Halloween revellers raised a lot of merry Hell. They behaved drunkenly even though there was no alcohol on the table.
The place is definitely more suitable for ostentatious people and Foreign talent with their expat salaries.

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