Thursday, October 21, 2010

How to get Divorced by 30

The wicked B1 came across this book at the library and passed it to me. "Look, it teaches you how to get divorced by 30!"

Giving him the evil eye, I flipped it over. I read "How to get divorced by 30. My misguided attempt at a starter marriage". I borrowed it just to see what it was about and to be contrary . Now that I have read it and actually stopped half way through, I am even more pissed. I expected something painful yet bewilderingly funny due to these enticing words on the back cover "with wit, moxie and honesty". I don't know about you but I found a lot of honesty and definitely a lot of WHINING.

The most amusing part was the part where the author said that she did not like potheads yet she admitted that her most serious relationship was with this asshole doctor who is a pothead, then she married another pothead. I say amusing because, I agree with her. I have even lower tolerance than her when it comes to potheads (And people who continue to indulge in long suffering relationships with them). If I have to read about them (which I don't), I 'd rather read about Lindsay Lohan's antics in my fave gossip channels (and I don't). And then she proceeds to lament that people called her fat when she was a kid, somehow traumatising her into her yoyo dieting. And then she called her future husband fat.

Wtf. Dear Sascha, you are definitely messed up. Can't you go to a psychologist instead of venting it into a book and trapping readers with promises of a good, sardonic read? At the very least, read your damn diary. It could already tell you the bad signs so that you don't have to discover your errors in hindsight.

I am not being unsympathetic. I do know how it feels to be trapped in a loveless marriage or being single after divorce, but man, it is very hard to feel sympathetic towards her. Especially since she said that in subconscious retaliation, she deliberately sought another man's attention and cheated with him after discovering her first serious boyfriend's infatuation with a political refugee. And despite all her misgivings spewed in her diary, she persisted in marrying a commitment-shy pothead. Wow, what could go wrong? If you say that he or his love changed during marriage, I cannot know or understand your pain but at least I will understand why you are in pain. But don't give me the shit about you already knowing the signs then still continued to err. Dude seriously, hard to be empathetic.

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