Tuesday, October 26, 2010

安全地带 AnZenChiTai Concert 2010

A hardcore Maison Ikkoku fan, B1 treated me to the AnZenChiTai concert simply because we loved one of the songs they did for Maison Ikkoku, Suki Sa 好きさ. Yes, do not underestimate the purchasing power of a pair of otakus when it comes to anime.

The lead singer, Koji's attire (photo 2) reminded me of a certain Taiwanese singer, 高凌风 who sang the most endearing 火鸟. At the beginning of the concert I was staring slackjawed, like... where are the hot sexy dancers (who usually accompany 高凌风 ) *haha*.

One thing for sure, Koji did not lack enthusiasm right from the start to the end. Unfortunately he was so genki that he drowned out the supporting vocals from his band and even the accompanying music. It was only until much later that he became more mellow and the band came together to make some pretty awesome music.

Nonetheless the crowd was pretty whipped up and amazingly for a relatively small crowd consisting of mostly Singaporeans (I had predicted 70% Japanese 30% Chinese, turned out it was the other way around), they managed to sing some of the words loudly when Koji turned the mic over to the crowd. More impressively the reserved Japanese even stood at the front like young teenagers at a MTV mosh pit, singing and swaying along with the music.

It was certainly a very entertaining night, even though the band did not give any encores. One must remember they are not as spry as they used to be, even if Koji can gyrate like the best of the hoola hoop little girls. I was curious to see how they used to look like when they were young. Couldn't find any images but Youtube yielded an interesting result (from their 1987 concert, when they were most popular).

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