Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A question on hearing and chivalry

Today, Teletubby and I were downstairs buying breakfast. I was busy "stoning" on what I should order, while waiting for this lady and her male colleagues to pick their choices from the steamed section. After the lady took two plates of buns out from the steamer, she passed me the tongs but I wanted to pass them to her colleagues.

The men let me go ahead so I happily took the last 2 siew mai which I had been staring at.

When we came upstairs, Teletubby pronounced smilingly "you're evil", I was like huh? He said that one of the two men behind were thinking aloud that he wanted the siew mai too. OOps. I was like, why didn't you tell me!!!

He replied, "I didn't want to expose you."


The sad bit of it all is that he thought it was my deliberation to take the siew mai. ZZZ, he didn't even tell me. He's even more evil. He was heckling saying that I always say I can multitask and didn't even hear, and now he is laughing that I have bad ju ju. My God, drama in the morning over two little bits of meat. Next time the poor man behind will not be in a hurry to give way to others already. Keke.

In case you are wondering what are siew mais, here's a pic from

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