Sunday, October 31, 2010

We watched the Social Network

Yup. Thanks to some stupid crazy bitch who shook her son to death over Farmville, I am now reduced to a disheartening 4 hours on the computer by meine Eltern. Programming + Company of Heroes (mostly that) + Blogging + Google + TV== 4 hours a day.

Time to go underground. Or outside.

Well at least I now have 23 books to comfort my long and lonely computerless hours. I accept the challenge. Thanks to Zuckerberg and friends, after library and dinner, we watched "The Social Network" because we couldn't use my home network. It was either watching that or the two horror films showing at that hour. Couldn't figure out which was more horrible, but at least Zuckerberg and gang won't appear out from the shadows.

At this point, I concede a loss to B1. Yes the guy who acted as Sledgehammer in "The Pacific" is in "The Social Network". But I digress. I found the show pretty entertaining despite how super annoyed I am at Facebook right now. B1 said that the movie was probably something that Facebook haters like myself will enjoy. I don't think so. I think most people who are interested in Facebook or at least know that it exists (who doesn't) will want to watch the movie. Even meine Mutter brought up the movie to me this morning as I was sulking into my breakfast.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook reportedly went into damage control with the movie release by declaring Zuckerberg's US$100M donation to Newark schools. I personally thought that the people who should be more pissed at the movie should be Saverin and the Winklevoss twins. They painted Saverin as a trusting, naive best friend riding on his brilliant nerd friend's coattails and ended up getting screwed by said "impressionable" buddy and his new best friend. Cute but pretty gullible, nicht wahr? Interesting that the Straits Times reported today that he is acting as business angel to fledgling companies. Saverin should sue the show for making him look like an ignorant jackass. How can a CFO of a company who does not know his own product sell it to others? Let's not talk about coding or server administration or any backstage crap, but not even knowing how to use it as a end user is PATHETIC.

Winklevoss twins. Really good looking (like I said, the movie was very entertaining to me with its quick wit, and good looking cast). Gentlemen of Harvard. Let's not care about how real this movie is to the actual truth, but the part where the president of Harvard corrected the twins' "old school rich people privileged thinking" was the best part of "The Social Network".

As for Zuckerberg? He comes off as the asshole they keep calling him. But a clever one. He appears as someone who knows how to make use of people and discard of them when they have outlived their usability while harnessing his own capabilities to achieve more than any of them could. I would say, the movie actually flatters him.

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