Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dim Sum at Swatow Seafood

I am easily conned by pretty pictures, esp that for Dim Sum with its cute little bunnies and goldfish (East Ocean will be one restaurant which does animal-shaped dim sum well *winks*).

Unfortunately I forget one thing. I don't eat prawns. Damn.

Dim Sum in Singapore restaurants always contain pork or chicken but they almost always feature prawns. Siew Mai, Ha Kau (duh, this one's name has prawns in it), even cute animals harbor minced prawns in its pretty shells. Very annoying. I am always forced to choose vegetarian options, just chicken or pork, which dishes usually look kinda ugly or very plain.

Same thing happens at this place. Its goldfish (only 1 cute dish) contains prawn and codfish, but Mutter grumbled that it tasted only of prawns *haha*. I find that the dim sum options are rather limited and the dessert the most expensive of the items ordered. The egg tarts are the kind that I make but with shortening cos I did not detect any butter taste, unlike the ones made by Crystal Jade which uses a flaky lard pastry. Please skip the xiaolongbao (not pictured). The skin is already torn when I picked it up and the meat has a very floury texture. Conclusion? Fill up my belly but not that fantastic.

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