Monday, January 17, 2011

Having a Cow & Mozzie Feeding Frenzy

Guess what is this?
A cow pat. 
The people at Viknesh Dairy Farm were so kind that I decided that this place deserves a post of its own!

Visiting the dairy farm was one of the activities that we have catered as part of our 食字路口 game. Unfortunately when we got there, the skies opened and it began to rain heavily. While the others were taking photographs, I spoke to the farmer about letting us explore the place. He said ok, as long as we either buy one litre of milk from him or pay S$2 a person for the tour. We chose the milk, since it was also part of the challenge... to drink milk fresh from a cow... 
Cow at the right came from Oz. The cow on the left reminded me of the typical British cow we see in books
Since it was raining heavily and I was wearing white, I was very pleasantly surprised to see the lady at the farm, rush out with an umbrella for me. She was so sweet. I shared the umbrella with Miss Piggy who *winner* aired the umbrella at one end of the pen. By the time we reached the other pen which was opposite the original location, we were both too lazy to grab the umbrella. But no matter, the lady was to the rescue again. She brought even more umbrellas and even thoughtfully brought the one we left behind. 

We got to admire some baby cows (just 2-3 days old) and also some goats, and different varieties of cows. It was very interesting, I had never seen a real life cow, especially one so close up front. They were extremely curious as well, and tried to nip us.

Poor Miss Piggy and Captain Atas were eaten alive by mosquitoes as we kept waiting for a chance to watch the cows get milked. In the end, we gave up. The farmer and the lady were very kind, they let the reckless Teletubby drive into the cow pen, narrowly avoiding the piles of soy and inquisitive cows, so that we would not get wet. It was fun trying to not stick to the car and get wet, while avoiding the cow tongues as well. The lady was so sweet, she offered the biggest umbrella to the Captain, saying that we would need it at our next destination. 

Viknesh Dairy Farm
6 Lim Chu Kang Lane 8A
Open everyday 9am to 6pm

I just realized I avoided drinking the unpasteurized milk *keke*. The lady did tell us to boil it before freezing it for use.


  1. wait, does that mean you were able to buy raw milk?

  2. great....service to singapore providing best milk...n cows for relegious purpases....



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