Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Find out Your Happiness Factor for This Year

This quiz was in today's My Paper (Chinese Edition).

(1) You agree with this statement "If I say I am Happy, my Happiness will disappear"?
A. Yes -> Go to Question 2
B. No -> Go to Question 3

(2) Career vs Love, you choose...
A. Career -> Go to Question 4
B. Love ->  Go to Question 3

(3) You feel that happiness comes easily to others, but not to you?
A. Yes ->  Go to Question 4
B. No ->  Go to Question 5

(4) If you experience a recent spate of ill fortune, would you...
A. Ignore it -> Go to Question 5

B. Find ways and means to turn your luck ->  Go to Question 6
C. Treat it as the norm ->  Go to Question 7

(5) Are you easily depressed?
A. Yes  -> Go to Question 7
B. No ->   -> Go to Question 6

(6) Fruit juice or Ice cream, you choose ...
A. Fruit Juice -> Go to Question 8
B. Ice Cream -> Go to Question 9

(7) When you are unhappy, you will seek solace from?
A. Buddies  -> Go to Question 9
B. Online friends  -> Go to Question 8
C. No one  -> Go to Question 10

(8) You'd rather save your money to buy something of superior quality rather than buy something cheap and low quality.
A. Yes  -> Go to Question 10
B. No  -> Go to Question 11

(9) Which of the following public places is most suitable for visiting with your lover?
A. Cinema  -> Go to Question 11
B. KTV  -> Go to Question 12
C. Park  -> Go to Question 13

(10) A colleague whom you cannot stand asks you to attend his or her wedding, would you go?
A. Yes, I will still go  -> Go to Question 13
B. No, I will find some random excuse  -> Go to Question 12

(11) Can you let things go easily?
A. Yes  -> Go to Question 14
B. No  -> Go to Question 15

(12) How do you accompany your family members on a weekend?
A. Go on a walk with them to a Park -> Go to Final Answer C
B. Bring them window-shopping  -> Go to Question 14
C. Stay at home and chat with them  -> Go to Question 13

(13) Seeing a old couple holding hands while walking, you feel...
A. Touched -> Go to Final Answer A
B. Envious  -> Go to Question 15
C. Expectant ->  Go to Final Answer E

(14) If you rent, what kind of roomate do you hate the most?
A. Filthy and unhygenic  -> Go to Question 15
B. Icy and unapproachable  -> Go to Question 16
C. Popular and always brings his friends over to play -> Go to Final Answer B

(15) If you were a girl, you wish that your boyfriend gives you a ..
A. Supplementary Credit Card  -> Go to Question 16
B. Ring -> Go to Final Answer F

C. Clothes -> Go to Question 17

(16) Are you easily satisifed?
A. Yes -> Go to Final Answer F

B. No -> Go to Final Answer H

C. Sometimes -> Go to Question 17

(17) Will you seek relatively unknown and cheap eateries?
A. Yes, I go often -> Go to Final Answer C
B. Yes, but depending on my mood -> Go to Final Answer G
C. Never tried -> Go to Final Answer D

A. Your Happiness Factor this year: 30%. A long time ago, you felt that happiness was within reach, but after the trials and tribulations of yesteryear,  you realize that happiness is transient, and you shouldn't pin too much hopes on anything.

B. Your Happiness Factor this year: 15%. You feel that you will not achieve any happiness in this lifetime, unless this year allows you to experience a happiness that you have never had before. If not, you will always feel that happiness is forever far and away.

C. Your Happiness Factor this year: 50%. You prize a healthy body as the greatest form of blessing. You have learnt to accept and adjust, which in turns gives you a deeper appreciation of happiness.

D. Your Happiness Factor this year: 10%. Yesteryear's unhappiness disillusions you and you no longer believe in happiness. This year, you view craving material gains (instead of happiness) as a more sensible and realistic desire.

E. Your Happiness Factor this year: 45%. You had many trials and tribulations last year, but you continue to believe that the dark clouds will disappear and happiness is approaching.

F. Your Happiness Factor this year: 85%. You are happy. But because you lack true love, you are unable to achieve true and complete happiness. Maybe this year you will experience greater happiness.

G. Your Happiness Factor this year: 30%. You are mature, and understand that many things cannot be forced. The you of yesteryear derived joy from materials gains, but for this year, you seek mediocre comfort.

H. Your Happiness Factor this year: 40%. You are clever and independent, and have set your own lifetime goals.  Even if you cannot realize your dreams this year, you will still derive satisfaction from the determination and effort you have put in.

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