Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Back Burner Guy - the guy you keep around

Every girl has a backburner guy. You know the guy she falls back on in the worst case scenario where nobody wants her and all her friends are engaged or are attached, she wants to spite someone or she feels like crap and wants a punching bag?

Herein comes the backburner guy. He is the guy who is just not rich enough, not handsome enough or not clever enough, but he likes you. A lot. So much that he can put up with whatever emotional nonsense you throw at him and still like you, i.e. the nice guy.

You need him to feel good about yourself. But it's only temporary. Because you will either feel unfulfilled being with him, or you feel like shit because you are using him or no matter how hard you try you just don't love him as much as he does you. Either way you feel bored and/or guilty and you chuck him aside, until the next time you are in the dumps. But it's ok because he is such a masochist, he will stick around until someone makes him wake up his idea. 

Usually this guy is the savior mentality kind, which is a very unhealthy prospect.

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