Sunday, February 6, 2011

Online Friendships are ever so fickle and transient

A few weeks ago, I wrote about girl gamers. I quote myself sadly that "That's the problem with transient online relationships, everyone gets bored with a game after a while, and they either get a new profile or leave the game. And I do want to keep some of the friendships with the other gamers."

I remember at that time, the closest COH friend I had (well, the one whom I introduced myself to because I wanted to explore using his music for my poor Android game *temporarily still shelved due to lack of music*)  read this and he told me later when we were playing the game that "don't worry we will remain friends".


I am kind of depressed now. I asked my colleague to let me use one of his DSLR photos for my game *another one*, so I was surfing in Facebook with another friend's account. I suddenly recalled that I have not spoken to that friend much. Not since three weeks ago. So I casually popped over to his wall, and was stunned to see that it was his birthday 5 days ago.

I didn't know.

Seriously I would much rather not be right. I am rather upset about how inevitable the situation is. It's been a sharp change since our last conversation where we were even planning to meet in Berlin. In fact, I guess it is sort of affecting how I am approaching my other online friendship. I am worried that I will become too emotionally dependent, and then when he leaves me too, I will be dealt a terrible blow again.  

PS. The worst thing about the whole situation is that I can't even wish him Happy Birthday. If I do, I am going to be sexposed as a cyber stalker (well I am, but there is no need to go around brandishing that fact right?)

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