Monday, June 25, 2012

Bonding with my cousin over EUFA Euro 2012

Went to a wedding dinner on Samstag. Sitting at the table with my Kollegen, we started talking about the EUFA Euro 2012, especially last week's Germany vs Greece match.
Bet Löw wished he could kick everyone's ass
I managed to stay awake through the first half at least, having failed miserably in my earlier attempt in the week by sleeping earlier then waking up to watch the match. B1, who obviously wasn't trying very hard, could not wake me up when he came to bed. Then again my mistake was to trusting the man (who hates it when I ogle other men *so rare*) to wake me up to watch other men instead of crushing him between my fat paws in my zzz.

 My second strategy of staying awake by playing CoH (Diablo depresses me nowadays) worked better. However the match was so infuriatingly maddening in the first half with Germany missing so many opportunities and only finally getting one in before half-time, then later equalizing with Greece just a few minutes into second half! I was so mad I fell asleep (sounds weird but yes)...and missed Germany's 3 later goals.

My Kollegen were quite intrigued by how upset I was. "Why do you still support Germany if you are so mad at them for missing the shots?" Ah, but you don't understand... I support Germany because it's Germany. Not because they have Podolski, Lahm, blah blah.

Neuer is 我的菜. But I must say I do have a thing for Löw as well, ever since he was the head coach in World Cup 2010. Apparently my younger cousin has a crush on him too =D which makes excellent bonding, though she has mentioned that she was mortified when after telling her colleagues that she crushed Löw, he was caught on camera digging for boogers. Hahah. That's a man after my heart.

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