Monday, June 25, 2012

For the Win - Naked Shoppers @ Süderlügum, North Frisia

I already laughed my head off when I was reading this at a few day. Apparently this supermarket on the German-Danish border offered the first 100 naked shoppers a basket full of free groceries worth €270. 

Obviously this attracted only the "Why Pay Mo"s and "Heartland Mo"s (which was reported to be made up of mostly be fair, the supermarket was in Denmark). Amazingly 250 desperadoes appeared with shopping lists and their naked bits and had to be let in in batches of 20. I suppose the supermarket did not want to get sued if anyone got poked by mistake.

Since then, several days later, Gawker actually provided the video...*thumbs up*

B1 was tremedously disappointed that only male naked bits could be seen, while I was amazed that there were people who are more tight pussy than me (will explain my latest escapade later after I succeed)

Nibblezware's Glossary:
Ang Mo - the usual rich Expat Caucasians that we are very familiar with. They live in Districts 9-11 or Sentosa Cove property and have no problems nailing local chicks no matter how ugly, fat and old they are.
Why Pay Mo (word play on Why Pay More - a Singaporean sports chain)- A Caucasian who brings his whole family to Singapore, lives in condos in less coveted areas, drives Japanese cars and sends his kiddies to locally run businesses.
Heartland Mo (word play on Heartland Mall) - A Caucasian who has assimilated so well into Singapore landscape that he lives in a HDB flat, drinks bier at the coffee shops with the rest of the uncles, takes and curses the MRT, and actually marries local chicks (pays for the cow after drinking the milch). 

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