Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Neffe vs Essen - Forever hungry vs never enough

I wanted to have a small dinner gathering to honor my beloved grandmother who sadly passed on last week (I spent 7 days in mourning so no blog updates for a while). Since she was very old, technically the Chinese call it a 喜散 "happy parting". The whole family was deeply affected by her passing, and the Tanten were not in the mood to come for the gathering so it was just me, Bruder, our better/crazy halves and my stubborn Neffe.

Ever since Bruder told me to teach his son English at the funeral, B1 came up with this wicked idea of teaching the Neffe "A is for Ang ku kueh (some sort of Chinese dessert, think: mochi)", "B is for Ba Cang (Rice Dumplings)", "C is for ..."
Ang Ku Kueh [image source: hungrypijjie.blogspot.sg]
Reason being, the Neffe loves food. Period. He is so greedy, he doesn't know when he is full (so like me). His mother recently showed him a shopping mall's catalog and asked him to choose a toy, he kept pointing at pots and pans. The only words he can utter other than greetings are "杯", "鱼". I tried teaching him "spoon" but he only responded "ya". Epic fail. Bruder said to his son "Ask 姑姑 for the spoon, darling?" Talk about GG. Your son won't even say spoon, you expect him to say a full sentence?
I saw the family resemblance in the first photo. As kiddies, Bruder and I had the same confounded expression
If my Neffe likes your cooking, he will give you his baby version of a thumbs up (which is his baby thumb resting on his fist). Ask him if he likes his mother's cooking, he will give a mournful shake of the head. I have just been given his stamp of approval. On Monday, Mutter asked him "Did you go 姑姑's house?" He just smacked his lips and said "mummmumm". He was plenty mad last Saturday that his parents did not give him anything else to eat from the table other than the cod I specially prepared for him (they had brought the pumpkin porridge they prepared for him, and he was irate that they were feeding him the lurkwarm crap when he could see the spread on the table).

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