Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tante just called

She just called and started reciting to me the error message she saw on her computer screen. What the FUCK, seriously.

I am not your fucking helpdesk. I guess it is because my *censored* call me everyday (even when I am on leave - I am so looking forward to my coming break, that people are starting to be surprised that it isn't going to happen for a while yet, given how excited I am) to resolve stupid project-related problems, so by the weekend I have no patience to help others fix their fucking computers. Ever since I moved nearby, she has been showing up immediately after a quick phone call and expects me to drop everything to fix her fucking pc. I hope that thing catches fire.

Turned out, her pc couldn't recover from "configuring updates stage 3 of 3 0% complete."GG. I tried all kinds of options like safe mode, restoring from last known stable configuration, etc. Nothing worked. So I asked her for her OS disc. She apparently threw the discs away with the box despite my reminding her many times before to hold on to the proprietary discs. Well done, genius.

She only had the first half of my system restore discs (for some miraculous reason, I did a system restore disc for her before), but apparently the other half is missing. So too bad, I told her I couldn't do any more, other than give her ACER's hotline since me and B1 do not have VISTA (fuck VISTA) installers.

She later came back to take her internet dongle, and declared to me that she would fix it herself. Good, don't find me next time.

She smsed me this morning,"I call Acer, he told me that there is an eRecovery installed in the computer. He has emailed me the details. I will bring my computer to you on Sunday 9 June."

*imploded already*

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