Monday, June 18, 2012

Get a Yap, no more Fap

Kloof an iphone app targeted at pet lovers, did a recent survey of 1000 pet lovers on what breeds of doggie attract the opposite sex. If your lover is your right hand, get a Golden retriever.
The ultimate Wingman - Mr Woof
The top dog breeds to attract men were:
1. Golden Retrievers (overwhelmingly seen as girlfriend material)
2. Labrador Retrievers
3. Chihuahuas (their owners are seen as 5X more likely to be a one-night-stand, but probably hot and dumb)
4. Poodles
5. Beagles

The top dog breeds to attract women were:
1. German Shepherds
2. Golden Retrievers 
3. Labrador Retrievers
4. Siberian Huskies
5. French Bulldogs
I only have one question... Why no Dalmatian?
That said, never stand between a man and his poochie. I once made an innocent mistake of observing that a guy's dog's name "chico" sounds phonetically like pervert in a local Singaporean dialect (Hokkein). I am sure if he could send a lightning strike through skype, I would be fried already.

Well, on the other hand, I always liked Labrador Retrievers (specifically the pale colored ones). I always wanted one called Soichiro San (B1 will get the joke) which I will give German commands to bite the buttocks of people I don't like. I am weird that way.

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