Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mutter's theory of the Cat's tail

When I was a little girl (oh god, never realized that I would reach a time where I could say that...), Mutter and I were sitting at the hawker centre where a lot of wild kitty cats milled around table legs, human legs, pillars or lazed comfortably in shady corners.

"Marmee? Why are some cat tails long and others short and stumpy?" I asked Mutter in mandarin.

Mutter said (very seriously), "some kitties have fish to eat so their tails are long. Those that have short tails don't have fish to eat..."

The joke was that I subconsciously believed that shit, all the way, until one day some guy asked me the same question, and I without thinking, spewed the same nonsense Mutter said and felt very silly after that.

I went home to confront Mutter and she mused "I didn't realized I was so witty then."

Thanks Mom.

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