Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pinku on the canvas

Today B1 was vacuuming the floor and decided to move all the canvases I bought to the other room. As he lifted the canvases (the big ones that I was intending to paint for the house), I was flabbergasted at how many there were.
Her legs were pointing in the opp direction, which was very weird. I am not sure why I drew them like that

I guess it is time to get started. However my technique isn't very good (hopefully, yet), and the blank canvases aren't cheap. I wouldn't want to paint something like mad and then have it turn out looking like shit. This is also another reason why I am hesitant to apply color to my little girl picture. I think it looks quite nice, so I am worried I will destroy it with my shitty painting skills.

 B1 is complaining that our walls are starting to fill up with mug shots of animals. Suck it up, darling.

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