Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oh for the love of Man - HeTexted

You know, the sad affliction that plagues only women, the need to analyze, decipher, interpret his very plain and simple black words that appear on your IM, handphone screen or email for hidden clues, motive, and intentions.

Men on the other hand, are more QED, they just try harder to please/ annoy the girls they like, and not at all for those they don't like. Seriously, only women would bother wondering about the nuances behind words. But I can totally relate, because it is like i-wish-the-earth-will-swallow-me-up kind of embarrassing if you misinterpret his intentions, and then confess to/avoid him only to find out that he "eh, don't know why, I just like to talk to you". (This happened to me before, what the fuck is this?)

Now, if you read those bloody words for the umpteeth time and still can't figure out whether he likes you, you can now post it on http://hetexted.com/ for the whole world to see and analyze with you whether he's into you, not into you or the verdict is still out. Because suffering is not complete unless you share with others.
My verdict? So much fun.

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