Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pan kun and James

Don't worry, they were not engaging in bestiality :D.

The doggie, James, is trying to do sit-ups, and the chimp is holding him down. They are a Japanese duo (animal kind I guess). I came across this show while walking along AMK with B1. I was trying to replace the blue melamine spoons in the house. For some strange reason, we have the two forks but somehow the two spoons went missing. So this time, I bought 3 spoons.

Anyway B1 saw that I was interested in the show, so he said if I wanted it, he would buy it for me. I can't believe I passed over Naughty Bear (such an interesting name for a PS3 game with a very violent teddy bear), and Rilakkuma stationery set for the first and second seasons of Pan kun and James.

Watched a few episodes of it already. Show is very simulated. I felt as if I was watching a reality tv show. It even comes with a creepy uncle, who peeps around trees at them. Supposedly his trainer, but I think he just needs a camera to look like this guy (from Lucky Star)

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