Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beware online (Skype) Scammers :D esp those with the name "Miller"

I was very bored this week, because T still hadn't come back to CoH (longest case of ISP changing ever). So when someone tried to add me on Skype, I took a look at the invite. General Jack Miller from the USA army on a peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan. Many red flags :D but I was intrigued by how far he was going to rig this scam...
first of all, kiddies, generals have stars on the insignia on their shoulder lapels
(1) since when is Afghanistan considered a peacekeeping mission by the USA (lol)
(2) So-called generals don't talk to civilians for no reason, especially since they are not supposed to disclose their location.
(3) He has 7800+ contacts in Skype (supposedly, good luck to them). Clear sign of scammers, they go for quantity not quality

But like I said, I was very bored, and I wanted to know how long he will take to scam me. 

It took him about 2 days (I ignored him most times. COH is more interesting) , after some stupendously dull questions. I was careful not to leak any info. Of course  you never do that, that's how they get you.

Here are some of them:
He asked me how I was. I said I am busy. So he replied he is very busy too. Hahaha.

He asked me if I was single. I said no (just to see if he will continue the scam). Then he asked me if I had children I said no. Then he said that his wife and daughter died in an accident some years ago.

Scammers go for sympathy from women, in fact all men do :D In fact, that was another stupid thing he did. He messaged this incredible sob story in 4 long lines within 1 minute. Dude, I can type super fast (just ask my COH and Skype friends) but even I can't type that fast.
I was going to ask him if he copied and pasted, but decided not to .
And then he claims to have adopted a son from Ghana while on a peace keeping mission there.

Ok, now I am starting to think that he thinks I have an IQ of lower than 100. So I asked him, how do you keep in contact with him? He said he hadn't kept in contact with his son for 5 years.

Wait a sec, you can't contact your son, but you can skype to 7800+ people? Wtf hahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha.

But I innocently replied, so what do you do? you write? (actually I wanted to be more sarcastic, but I was feeling benevolent). 


Me: no, why must I? 
He: why not? 
Me: I don't know you, I don't know your son. Ask one of your 7800 contacts to do it. 

I swear he was stunned (it was quite hilarious).

So I GIYBF him. It's quite simple really. What you do, is run "Ghana", "scam", "Miller" "USA". You wouldn't believe how many links on scamming sites about this fake "Miller" guy. Eg. (I am a bit insulted that it is considered a romance scam hahahahahahahha).

Dude, pls be more creative and download someone else's photo. You can't keep using the same stuff. And do a more believable story ok? :D I really pity the guy whose photos he stole. Just imagine that poor guy innocently walking around in Afghanistan and this woman in a burqa storms up and slaps him very hard. And him not knowing why. Hahahahaha. Total joke. Nah, this guy is fucked, poor thing. This is why you don't upload your real photos online, silly.

Still it was quite funny and I had a lot of fun because I got to learn about USA military ranks. I immediately sent him the link while waiting for him to digest the lack of logic in his speech and blocked him. Oh dear, should I not have warned him?

Anyway read up on other funny stuff on scammers. Apparently US military is now the new Nigerian scam. Gold mines are so yesterday. You'd know they would finish tapping that by now. hahah

Maybe I shouldn't laughed that hard :D. I might have fallen for the trick if he looked like this...*lol*
Ah, my one and only Jim Caviezel (in the Thin Red Line)

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