Thursday, January 17, 2013

Butterfly Kisses

Don't blink and miss the little brown moth on my portulaca
It's a joke really, because it is actually a moth. argh. But hey, if the thing can fly all the way to a penthouse unit and pollinate my flowers, kudos to its effort :D

The portulaca, lime plants and zinnias are my Christmas gift from B1. Unfortunately till date I have killed 5 out of the 8 zinnias already due to my noobish lack of knowledge, e.g. of the need to transplant them out of being overcrowded into 2 pots by the nursery.

It's kind of embarrassing because zinnias are supposed to be a beginner plant. On the other hand, the portulaca is super popular, with me, the moth and the crazy ass bird who lives upstairs. 

The stupid bird has been by, tick tocking on my hapless portulaca, and the bloody thing can't aim, bombing his nasty shit on the leaves.

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