Friday, January 18, 2013

A simple lunch @ The Orange Thimble

Shop Front
Today was supposed to be one of those lavish lunches that Bär and I have taken to having to nourish our pathetic souls. But because I didn't have the time to research on a place and I was already given the area to look into by Bär, we ended up at our favorite Tiong Bahru enclave.
Sorry for blur shot, camera low batt and me weak from hunger
Still don't get the hype about the Tiong Bahru Bakery. After making ugly faces through its glass windows (and frightening their customers) we made our way to its neighbor, Orange Thimble. Orange Thimble sells itself as a place "where art meets cafe". We missed the all-day-breakfast, which was only available until 1130hrs on Freitag. Sigh.
Buy art on the side :)
So I was doomed to have the BBC sandwich which comprised of sad streaks of bacon blanketed by lettuce and jammed walnut toast, and a companion side of mesclun salad. The little bears will be horrified at the amount of vegetables on that plate.
BBC stands for brie and bacon and eh???
I had a confused palate, while Bär had the OT which was egg mayo. I looked at the photo I took of the egg mayo sandwich and whispered to Bär "the sandwich looks like it has teeth!"
I bite!

Less frightening shot of the OT
To say the truth, I was a bit alarmed when I saw the wait staff pour the juice from the jug because we had ordered it as freshly-squeezed. But when we tasted the juice, ah, it was the right stuff. It was just that they stored it in the jug, that's all. I liked my orange juice, but Bär frantically added sugar to his grapefruit and orange juice, saying it was too sour for him. It was funny watching him trying to melt sugar in a cold beverage *giggle*
Juices under art
For afters, we both got double scoops of ice-cream. I was sure that I wanted irish cream after I got to taste a little bit of it (it was either that or earl grey with figs to accompany my vanilla pod ice-cream. I am all about matching flavors). Bär got strawberry and cookies and cream which presented contrasting tastes. So in the end he didn't finish.
Irish cream und vanilla pod eis!~
Orange Thimble is a great place to hang out with friends (the irony, considering how FA I am). Food is not great, but I liked the ice-cream, and the art it had on the walls. Very inspiring. I will do some mixed media art tonight (if I can stay up)!!
Other nooky areas to hang out with friends
Orange Thimble
Blk 56, 01-68,
Eng Hoon St,
Tiong Bahru

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