Friday, January 4, 2013

NYE tea @ newly opened Benjamin Browns

I am cleaning my rooms now *moan* because Vater is evicting me from my old room. It never ceases to amaze me how 2 persons living in tiny bedrooms can transform all the crap from those 2 rooms into 1 big apartment and still run out of space. Dafug.

I have still have tons of stuff to move *groan*, so I have to clear out the shit before I can put in more crap. I have been buying tons of stuff since moving in, e.g. paint and paintbrushes, canvases, sewing materials etc. That on top of my two violins (I think I have to sell back the crap one back to Teacher so that I can save space). Like Ms Bear pointed out, my having too many hobbies is not relaxing me but exhausting me instead. So one of my new year's resolutions is to stop buying crap.

Anyway moaned too much as usual. How did everyone's NYE go? (‘ε’)

We were supposed to have a Xmas celebration (supposed to be teatime @ Brunetti) as per our tradition since long ago, however because I was taken down by a severe migraine, it was postponed. So we had a NYE celebration instead. Lucky Ms and Ms Bears had a heavy breakfast because they had to wait for me and Bär to finish our meeting which dragged to an unhealthy 2pm. Needless to say no one was around but the rats and cockroaches by the time we were done.

We made our way to California Pizza Kitchen, where Ms Bear had a seafood linguini by herself due to her teeth problems. The rest of the bear family shared a Kung Pao spaghetti, peking duck pizza and a tortilla spring roll appetizer. It was when the food arrived that I realized that the camera I had painstakingly brought from home had 0 SD card inside. How moronic... luckily the two little bears had their camera phones.

We were figuring out where to have our tea time, since it was still raining cats and dogs. Bär pointed out at the cafe opposite. None of us could see the name (we are all blind as bats, the name was written on the overhang). But we decided to check it out because the decor looked nice.
Benjamin Browns @ Forum, Orchard
The lady boss waited on us, which was very nice. We found out that the place, Benjamin Browns (opposite California Pizza kitchen) had just been opened for 4 days. I was still a stuffed bear, so I thought I would have a milkshake. How silly of me, considering that it was S$12 for a bloody beverage. It tasted nice but was served very plainly and was not worth the price I paid.
Check out my pathetic milkshake in the background
Personally the decor reminded me of House@Dempsey for some reason, but I really like the country chic of the cafe. Bär and I were sitting on the boxed seats, which we later realized was vibrating because there was a speaker or boom box underneath. And the cafe kept playing jazz music so we were shook at every bass note. Bär compared it with sitting on a giant dildo. Like he'd know?  

The little bears were cleverer. They both chose the 2 scoops of icecream portion at S$5 each. Since my milkshake is one giant ball of icecream beaten to death (they said they used the actual icecream), I'd say they got the better deal.
Actually I wanted to try the lotus root crisp but no one offered me *sobs*
As for Bär, he asked the lady boss what was their best dish, and she said that it was their banana pancakes. I whispered to Bär how did she know that, since they were only opened for four days so far. Bär replied, hello the chef will have some specialties before opening right? Anyway ignore my bimboticity, it turned out to be true. The pancakes were pretty good.
Bananas were hidden in these blankets of yumyum
I would say that Benjamin Browns is a nice place to hang out on rainy days. Other than the pathetic milkshake (which came served 3/5 in a glass with no umbrella or cream or anything and is totally overpriced), I would say the ice cream is a good deal. Pancakes were ok for their price. 

Benjamin Browns
Opposite California Pizza Kitchen (#01-23)
Forum the Shopping Mall

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