Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Torn from limb to limb

To continue my moans about moving: I initially wanted to give away this kangaroo to The Salvation Army. She is totally clean and new because my mother wrapped her in plastic to prevent dust from getting to her. However being too lazy to move all the stuff there, I decided to keep her.

So I tossed her in the wash, together with Georgie Porgie and Gerard (also known as Tugs, the blue baby care bear). The other two came out fine (then again they are washing machine veterans, like Mr B), but Ms Kangeroo was torn apart in the washing machine in just the first cycle! Luckily I forgot to close the lid, so the washing machine stopped after the first cycle.

B1 said I should just toss her out, but I think I should restitch her. The weirdest thing was that one of the furry ears went missing, and now I don't know how I should proceed. Sew her back, sans one ear? Or make her a cloth one (which will look worse).
Can't see the thread. Threading is a bitch!

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