Friday, January 11, 2013

Hell hath no fury like this woman's wrath

I have been having a shitty week. As usual.

But I was unable to destress by playing CoH. Because for some reason, my internet bandwidth has crawled to a miserable average of 5-10 Kb/s.

Hello, I haven't experienced a speed so shit since my 56K modem. I couldn't even log into gmail, for fuck's sake.

But strangely dear B1 was still able to play his fucking BF3 with no problems. Since I was very tired, I went to bed early everyday this week. Yesterday I even fell off my stool after falling asleep. So I didn't mind so much, even though I couldn't do much. Besides I was still sewing my kangaroo back into her body. 

Anyway that was why I was very surprised when my Skype friends said hi to me yesterday when my phone logged in by itself last night.

And today. Today was the worst. My internet was so slow, I couldn't even use google. wtf? Then I heard BF3 going on in the background.


"What the fuck have you been doing to my bandwidth?! Why can't I use google!"

Looked very innocent.

"Eh, oh. ok, I will do something about it."

I walked back into the room. Suddenly my download sped up to 200kbps. 

"you fucker! You starved me of bandwidth?!"

"I don't know, I put 300kbps. How did I know you experience 7kbps? I had no choice, your download causes my BF3 to slow down."

"WIR HABEN UNS EINE SCHEIDUNG!!!!" I screamed."The next time you do this I will... I will put rat poison in your food!" (it was a very bad day to piss me off)
[image source: immaclaus@devianart]
The next time he does that, I am going to put my foot through his laptop. I'd see how he plays BF3. As I was angrily muttering that, he came into the room and hugged me.

"Please don't be mad...And tell me if this happens again ok? Don't put rat poison into my food first ok?"


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