Saturday, December 5, 2009

My latest pathetic effort

(This is taken from my old blog,

I wanted to redo the Tail Chasers blog. The focus on the site had always been to get content out to readers, especially other members of the gang (of course *haha*), so I stuck to the plain but serviceable design provided by Blogspot.

So on Saturday, thoroughly sick of drawing little girls, I drew inspiration from two online pictures of my favourite anime doggy, Menchi メンチ from Excel Saga. Unfortunately notoriously 3-min-degree me lost interest in redoing the layout, and ended up creating a persona out of it.

It's still being approved by the POC, so once it's up, I will post the link to the gallery. Any support this SAP (sad artist/programmer) is greatly appreciated, even though my menchi looks very kitty-like. In the meantime, this is how it will look like in your browser.

FYI: Learn how to install and personalise your Firefox with Personas here.

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