Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I cooked and I baked

Who says women cannot multitask?

For three hours, I prepped, cooked, baked (washing up took another hour, haha) and packing up Top Chef-like for my office celebration while thinking about how to resolve my application problems.

I made vegetarian bolognese sauce (smaller pot on the left) and nasty nasty bolognese sauce (big wok on the right). I was paranoid that the vegetarian one would have no taste, as my colleagues are strict on not consuming onions and garlic (my two great faves), so I dumped in diced carrots for sweetness.

I also baked my cupcakes again. I was happily cooking while my cakes rose in the oven. This time without topping with the diabetes-inducing cream *gag*. I deliberated whether I should bother making a glaze, then I thought, zzz more important. So I decided to let them be topless *keke*.

My topless cakes turned out even better this time. I tried some new tricks I learnt from books, while adding 5g more to each cup.

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