Saturday, December 5, 2009

Help! I cannot keep up with Google!!!

There are too many fun stuff going on at Google as well as at my own side.

Too many distractions. I have hardly enough sleep as it is. I couldn't figure out whether I should concentrate on Android, Go or Google Wave dev.  These are the three I hold most dear, because (1) I want to develop Android tools and games (and hopefully get some $$ out of a hobby at last) (2) I fear it will replace Java lang for Android (3) I wanted to develop a multi player game on a wave.

Even blogging has become a problem, especially since I had to leave my Tail Chasers blog (I can't even put down the link for fear of GIYBF) and therefore I lost all the hits I had,  which was pretty maddening on top of the mocking that I am not above reacting to ( I did try for two weeks to be a bigger person, but with my OCD, I became even more upset with the latest posts, e.g. comments, frequency and content). So I have been spending many days trying to get hit by Google, and I admit at last that I am obsessed with getting hits from Mountain View, Cal, which I can track with my Wowzio widget.

I got a developer account at Google Wave some months ago, but because I have too many code names I have forgotten which one was the one I used to sign up to Google Wave Sandbox. Up until last week, when my ex boss who loves to show off how more plugged in he was into the latest IT stuff, than  me, (who is competing???),  told me triumphantly that he has the latest preview Google Wave account, I had not logged in since I had locked myself out.

"Oh, I have a developer one." I answered tiredly. When I was telling Town Mouse about it, Town Mouse was like, "you have a developer account?? How come you didn't tell me?" Seriously, did no one read my stinxatcoding blog? Turned out it was a big deal to have a preview or developer account at Google Wave, because Google was stingy with accounts. I did not know that. 

Town Mouse asked me to invite him. So I tried to login to both Sandbox and Preview. Well, after I asked the administrator to unlock my Developer account, I searched for hours for my invite to the Preview account. While I have been reading the emails going into my gmail account, I had not been seriously following the development at Wave.And now I have been left behind, sobs!

So latest reprioritisation of time:
Latest Project

Think I will leave Go to the experts, who will hopefully build a Eclipse equivalent for Go by the time I am ready. =B

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