Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cheating Bastard Husbands and the Clichéd Lines they say

I dedicate this article to all the cheating bastard husbands out there (read: Tiger Woods), the whores who fall for their clichéd lines, and the supportive friends of said whores who don't bother helping them see their ways.

1) I am still living with my wife but we are leading increasingly separate lives.
She is still looking after my needs, but I am no longer her top priority, i.e. she is no longer at my beck and call, because of the kids, new job, etc. My fragile ego cannot take the "neglect".

2) I am going to leave my wife for you.
He is most likely to say this when you have his dick in your mouth (the only time you have power, for more reasons than one). And no, he is not. He is already comfortable with what he has. A wife who looks after his needs, and a mistress (read: you) on the side to keep him from sticking in the rut. Besides, he would have done it many whores ago. Even if he leaves her for you, he will sooner or later leave you for another woman. And you will totally deserve this bad karma.

3) I love you.
Oh no, he doesn't. If he does, he'd not make you the third party to his marriage. He would have restrained himself, divorced his wife then come for you. Cheating men do NOT respect or truly love any woman. If they did, they wouldn't cheat.

4) My wife doesn't understand me, like you do.
You actually don't but you agree with whatever he says, because you are a whore who agrees with whatever he says, because (1) you envy other women for having a relationship, so you take their men, in the hopes you can have one too (2) men and their egos love fanning, and you are just laying on the air-con. (3) he will find someone else who agrees with him, if you don't.

5) I can't divorce her because ...
He can't divorce his wife because he can't lose his maid/roommate/backup sex partner (depending how pathetically little respect he has for her, especially since he is already cheating on her) for slow nights. Who is going to look after him when he is sick, listen to him crap about his shitty day at work, run errands for him, be the bad guy for him, and make sure he and his progeny get proper nutrition? Not you of course, he just keeps you around for sex.

6) We do not have sex.
Read: We do not have enough sex

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