Saturday, December 19, 2009

Why do People Love?

English translation of my Mandarin article <<不在乎天长地久,只在乎曾经拥有>>

My cousin and I used to enjoy using fortune telling to predict our future, particularly that of our future partners; his wealth, his wisdom, his looks and how much he would love us.

I remember that I had asked my cousin what she felt was the most important of these four factors.

She replied "his love".

Unfortunately, today's society is a realistic one. One cannot survive on love alone. People rely on first impressions, and value money, power and capability. You can profess your love for your beloved, but you cannot guarantee that he/she would reciprocate. Love at first sight is now a thing of the past. The bullshit about how looks, height, weight and money not being factors weighing in on love is used to encourage lonely souls to seek their other half, not as a means of defining love nowadays.

Love is as deep as wisdom, as prized as beauty and as priceless as wealth. Even if you experience love today, can you ensure your forever love? Why is love so difficult to harness?

Today he treats you like a prized jewel, tomorrow he seeks another and treats you like garbage. You can be gracious and watch him walk away from you, his hand in another's , leaving yourself to a life of loneliness and sorrow. You ponder, the human life is but a few decades, sooner or later you must leave each other. Even if our love is dated, at least I still have my memories of us together.

But why? Why do people still try? Because humans are like mandarin ducks, they desire to be able to have someone else accompany them through life's ups and downs. A person comes into and leaves this world alone. but just like he was welcomed by his loving parents when he was born, to be able to depart this world in his beloved's arms would be a privilege not easily fulfilled, but so much craved.

If one does not love, one will never be able to achieve the all-encompassing love.

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