Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Enid Blyton's Enchanted Wood

The National Library used to be very hardball on poor Enid Blyton's books *Note here: I hate those trashy ghost-written ones that churn out every year under her name*, citing that her books were rather unsuitable for the young as they were racist and fantastic. Ahem, why stock Fantasy books in the first place? I could never find them growing up and had to save and buy them myself. Poor me with my miserable allowance. No wonder I used to be slimmer. All the snacks I had to give up to pay S$3.90 for one.

What is even more hypocritical is that now I can find the even more trashy 老夫子 comics in the shelves. To illustrate how trashy they are, my mother, who didn't really bother to cultivate my reading habit, FORBID me to read that particular fascinating comic. I didn't even bother saving for them because she would confiscate them. I think I finally got them back when I was in JC?

Anyway back to Enid Blyton. My absolute faves were (1) The Enchanted Wood, the Faraway Tree series (2) Famous Five series (3) Mr Pink Whistle (4) Galliano's Circus series (5) Behr Rabbit series *thought this was a bit Roald Dahl, like Fantastic Mr Fox*. I think my girl cousin liked (4) *cos I borrowed it from her, and liked it* and Cherry Tree Farm, while my boy cousin liked Mr Meddle (he had the whole series), Naughtiest Girl in School series, Noddy and Secret Seven. YUCK!!!

I detested Secret Seven, because I thought it was EXTREMELY SEXIST. I mean it annoyed the hell out of me and I was only ten years old (I started reading when I was nine). The girls' role seemed to be providing sustenance for their endless meetings, and the annoying person in the book was a girl (was it Susan or Sue? Oh, it's Susie after I GIYBF) whom I think was vilified and the gang was very nasty and cliquish, with their badges and shit. The boy leader, Peter, is a smug little asshole, and all the boys got to do the really exciting stuff, while the girls stayed at home. It's like, harlo, check the calendar already!!!

But I loved the Enchanted Wood. I loved the idea of having traveling lands on top of a magical tree, and even the slides down Moonface's *ahem* hole is a sensational and cute idea with the bunny at the bottom to collect the cushions. I loved the food they had especially, the cookies with the honey centre and Toffee Shock! In fact, I loved it so much, I downloaded the entire series into my DS Lite. Keke. I think that is one series that I am quite willing to read till the day I die.

I have decided. I would like to have EVERY SINGLE book that Enid Blyton ever wrote. So friends and family, if you ever want to get me a present ever again? Just give me tons of book vouchers. Much appreciated. Otherwise, please click on my Adsense and/or Nuffnang adverts so that I can buy them (I have only earned $4 from 2 blogs, how pathetic is that? And I had so much traffic on Tail Chasers before I moved here!!!!). Viel Danke!

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