Thursday, December 24, 2009

James Cameron the Ultimate LOOTER

Initially I did not want to watch AVATAR, being mistakenly convinced that it was smurfs + Planet of the Apes. But the cinema is boring during christmas time, and we didn't want to see a rat slapping her furry butt and tell us to put a ring on it.

Turns out AVATAR borrows heavily from red indians (or ozzie aborigines, based on ur neighborhood) + computer networks + George Bush and Iraq + worship. Though I detest LOOTERs (People who suffer from Lack of Original Thought), I have to say James Cameron is saved by his imagination, but not logic. A wet match can still be lit? Among other stuff that I am too tired to ask. I don't like to question my entertainment too much.

AVATAR is a four star act, though the traditional killing of the resident bad guy was a little too drawn out...

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