Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sure Decadence - How to Get Rid of Christmas Leftovers

To prove what a decadent and sloven society we live in today, instead of bringing leftovers home, we stuff ourselves there and then with this evil but so fun game called "终级密码" (Guess the Number), thus reducing cleanup and leftovers but increasing girth and misery.

What happens is this, someone will decide on a number X within the range of 0 - 99. Then the next person will guess the number Y and then the first person will confirm that Y == X or reduce the range to the Y and the upper or lower limit. Then this continues in a round robin fashion, until some doofus guesses it correct.

To speed things up, we had the "winner" and the two persons on his/her either side to consume certain leftovers, e.g. share one slice of watermelon, instead of merely "punishing the winner".

After a few rounds, we discovered this was not as fun as if we make only the two persons on either side consume the leftovers. After all, isn't it more sinisterly fun to guess it right, not have to suffer and get to sabotage the two persons next to you?

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