Sunday, March 27, 2011

10 Jahre... the nightmare continues?

We spent our tenth year anniversary getting angry with each other. But of course, there is nothing alcohol cannot solve. We went to The Cedar Pit (featured on BusinessTimesWeekend yesterday) @ Joo Chiat, to buy some fun stuff to drink. 

I was pretty excited to see that the shop carries Brothers series of artisan beers. I last drank that at Colbar... hmm must check whether this shop is cheaper or Colbar is?

The guy was quite dumb though. We bought 3 non-chilled beers, and 1 chilled one (for drinking immediately), because it was 4 for $26.  I said to him, this one to go, the other three to wrap. And then he didn't open it, and dumped all of them in the same plastic bag...

B1 had to remind him to take it out and open it.

Of all my years of receiving flowers, I find this color scheme most sophisticated =D

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